Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Pro Product Photographer

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Hiring a product photographer instead of taking your product photos can save you hours of time and frustration.

An experienced product photographer has the tools and training to take your merchandise to the next level and can help you look more professional, increase sales, and generate more revenue in less time than you ever thought possible. Here are five top reasons to hire a professional product photographer instead of taking your photos.

Accuracy in Color

Taking product photos with accurate color is not as easy as snapping a few shots on your smartphone and uploading them. You need a professional photographer to help make sure all of your items have been edited to present them in their true and vibrant colors. The last thing you want is buyers to have an inaccurate perception of what they are purchasing. With today’s technology, it has never been more accessible or affordable to hire someone with a full-time job to take high-quality product photos. Hiring a professional photographer can be one of your best investments when trying to grow your business. If nothing else, think about how often you buy something online only to receive it and realize that it wasn’t quite what you expected based on its photo representation. Save yourself from buyer remorse by hiring a quality photographer!

Quality of Light

Everyone has seen great photography, and most people recognize it because of the quality of light. To keep your products from looking generic or uninteresting, be sure to hire a professional photographer who can create crisp, clear images with an appealing aesthetic. Many photographers offer shooting packages, so you don’t have to take more than you need. The best part is that shooting packages are inexpensive. There’s no reason to break the bank when hiring a product photographer. Doing so could mean hiring someone without experience in taking product photos—and if your goal is professionalism and appeal, it’s not worth compromising.

Innovative Posing

To get images that pop and catch your audience’s attention, you should try posing products in unconventional ways. For example, if you’re shooting something like makeup or jewelry (or anything else that looks good on pretty women), try taking pictures of them on older people—men and women alike. Alternatively, you can take photos of items on random objects that don’t usually have anything to do with your product. In some cases, it may seem obvious why an item is being placed on another thing, but it may not be as apparent to others. This will help you get more views and likes for your photos from social media users who see something new in each picture they look at.

Good Composition

If you want your product images to shine, it’s essential that they are thoughtfully composed. We can’t just throw random items in an attractive setting and expect them to turn out well. Good composition is about using color theory principles and ensuring we have very deliberate lighting, placement of our products, and inclusion of other objects (if necessary). This allows for seamless editing when it comes time for post-production.

Brightness & Contrast: When photographing an item, we always ensure plenty of light and contrast on our subject. Products look more appealing with bright colors, but you also don’t want to lose details in shadows or overly sunny areas. With professional photographers, having ample light means we can use faster shutter speeds so that even fast-moving items won’t blur from motion during shooting.

Depth and Dimension

The main goal of professional product photography is not to take an aesthetically pleasing photo. It’s also not just about taking precise, crisp, well-lit images. The most critical aspect of high-quality product photography is adding depth and dimension. Hiring a professional photographer skilled in lighting techniques, equipment designed for optimal results, and experience working with products can only be achieved. There are many situations where a camera phone might suffice, but if you want to highlight your product and make it stand out from its competitors, you need professional help.

If you’re looking for a commercial photographer who understands your brand’s unique challenges and knows how to overcome them, contact Josh today. As product photographers, we serve clients with all types of product shots.

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